Shrink Film

Manuli manufacture a variety of shrink films for various applications and to meet a variety of needs such as

  • Product protection during transport and distribution
  • Preservation of goods and products
  • Collation packs
  • Barrier film

All shrink films can be printed for identification or promotional purposes. Replacing dated paperboard packaging with high quality printed polyethylene (PE) can also save up to 40% and a Manuli representative is happy to visit you onsite to show you how.


LOAD STABILITY – a shrink wrapped pallet can be tipped at an angle and goods are safe, apart from rare instances strapping should not be needed when shrinking a pallet load.

WEATHERPROOFING – a shrink wrapped pallet will be kept dry in transit.

PROTECTION – shrink wrapping your goods will offer increased protection both in transit and when being stored at point of destination.

SECURITY – shrink wrapped pallets help prevent theft or tampering – some customers will even use a coloured opaque film to hide more expensive products.

SPEED – shrink wrapping is a quick and cost effective method of achieving a quality wrap on all of your goods to help reduce complaints / returns.

VERSATILITY– shrink wrapping allows you to wrap all sorts of shapes / sizes / part loads.

PRESENTATION – shrink wrapping offers customers a level of quality that will only go to enhance your own level of service.

MARKETING – for an additional cost you can have your shrink film printed and promote your company / products.


All Manuli Packaging’s shrink film is produced to your bespoke requirements so please enquire for more details. 

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