Silage Film


Agricultural silage film Agriflex is used to produce high quality silage. Patented technology uses the highest quality ingredients including UV stabilizer, causing the Agriflex to prepare perfect feed, protecting against air and sunlight. Agriflex film can be used on all types of agricultural wrapping machines. The use of film in the production of silage Agriflex increases silage quality, reduces production costs of feed and animal nutrition optimises the way.



AGRIFLEX silage film is specifically developed for ensiling round and square hay bales.

AGRIFLEX is the ideal solution to ensure the best results in the most critical situations, including high humidity, difficult environmental conditions and long-haul transportation.

AGRIFLEX allows a proper ensiling and silage storage directly on the field.

AGRIFLEX silage film can be used on all types of agricultural wrappers.

All our rolls of Agriflex come packaged in an easy to tear box.

agri box


Product           Width          Length         Thickness       Colour         Weight         Pallet Qty

AGRIFLEX     750mm       1500mm        25mu             Green           28kg             40 rolls

AGRIFLEX     500mm       1800mm        25mu             Green           22kg             40 rolls

AGRIFLEX     250mm       1800mm        25mu             Green           9.5kg            80 rolls

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