Packaging Tape

Manuli Packaging Tapes are available in rolls for hand application and also longer length rolls for machine application. They are available as standard in clear and buff as well as coloured options to meet the most sophisticated industrial packaging requirements.


Manuli Packaging stock two types of acrylic tape, 809 which is an acrylic with a noisy unwind and 819 which is an acrylic tape with a low noise unwind.

Features: Acrylic is a BOPP tape with a water based adhesive. Acrylic tape is good for presentation purposes as it does not “yellow” over time like a hot melt tape would and so is favoured when carton appearance is important.

Application: Acrylic tape works well from 32-140°F (10-60°C) and so makes a great general purpose tape.

Hot Melt

Manuli Packaging stock two different hot melt tapes, 803 which has a 22 micron backing and 813 which has a 25 micron backing.

Features: Hot melt is a BOPP tape with a synthetic rubber adhesive. It is light yellow/gold in colour on the clear rolls.

Application: Hot melt tape works well from 45-120°F (10-60°C) and so is used for a wide range of light to medium applications.


Manuli Packaging stock two different solvent tapes, 818 which has a 25 micron backing and is a hand applied tape and 814 which has a 28 micron backing and therefore more suited to machine application.

Features: Solvent is a BOPP tape with a natural rubber adhesive. It is dark brown/gold in colour on clear rolls. The solvent adhesive has a very strong chemical smell. In solvent tapes the adhesive migrates into the carton/surface better than a hot melt and so provides a better grab.

Application: Solvent tapes work from -10-120°F (-25-60°C) and are used in a very wide variety of applications and recommended for colder temperatures.


Manuli Packaging’s vinyl tape is 808 and has a 33 micron backing. More heavy duty vinyl tapes are available with thicknesses up to 60-70 micron.

Features: Vinyl tapes have a PVC backing with a solvent adhesive. Vinyl tapes are very thick, giving them extra strength.

Application: As vinyl tapes have a solvent adhesive they work well in cold conditions as a solvent BOPP tape would. Vinyl tapes are used for medium to heavy weight packaging and have no noise when they are unwound.


With over 40 years industry experience Manuli Packaging can offer a wide range of tapes with excellent performance on different surfaces ensuring we have a tape solution to meet your requirements.


Tapes are stocked in widths of 38mm, 48mm and 75mm with lengths of 66m, 132m and 990m as standard.

Please enquire for more bespoke options that are available to meet your requirements.

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