MPS Profi

MPS Profi stretch wrapping machines are suitable for users with medium to high demands. The colour touch screen control panel gives you the ability to fully programme the machine to complete your wrapping needs. This also combines with 20 storable programs. The semi automatic machine is capable of wrapping 25 pallet per hour. Film usage can also be viewed through the main control panel, enabling you to keep track of your film usage and cost.

MPS Profi features;

  • START wrapping with “Push&Go“ function.
  • 20 customisable memories.
  • Colour touch screen control panel.
  • Fully variable program allowing for unique wrapping profiles.
  • Fully variable pre stretch system with twin motor solution for 0-400% pre stretch capability.
  • Wrapping in semi-automatic and manual mode.
  • Full or cut-out turntable.
  • Reducing costs while improving the quality and firmness of wrapping.
  • Number of optional accessories including top plate for unstable goods, weighing scales, photographic security solution (system evident). 1.8m & 2.3m turntable available, automatic film tearing.
Profi control panel

Profi Control Panel

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Machine Brochure front cover


– Increased pallet stability.

– Lower packaging waste.

– Increased product presentation.

– Decreased wrapping costs.

– Bespoke wrapping profile based on what your pallets require.

– User friendly.


Machine Height 2366mm.

Machine Weight 480kgs.

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