Pre-Lite Stretch

PRE-LITE® Stretch Films

A stretch film innovation from the world’s leading producer

6µ, 7µ, 8µ & 9µ High yield stretch films

Manuli Packaging offer innovation in stretch film – Manuli Pre-Lite®

Manuli Pre-Lite® stretch films are high grade, pre-stretched stretch films
They offer the same economy and load containment as automatic wrapping machines but for
manual applications such as hand film

Pre-Lite 6µ now available

  • 7µ film – General purpose pallet wrap for loads up to 1 ton
  • 9µ film – Heavier grade film for heavy or unstable loads
  • 7µ & 9µ film – Narrow width rolls for bundling
  • Coloured film – (Black/blue and green) – For security or identification
  • Offset cores that allow the operator to wrap lower on pallets


Consumption savings – Average savings 50-60%

Cheaper per meter – 39% less.

Less storage as more meters per pallet – 50% more per pallet.

Less Co2 and transport costs as fewer deliveries per year.

Reduced packaging waste and associated costs – waste disposal skips and packaging waste levies.

Improved safety as pallets have a higher load containment.

Reduced effort for operators as the film is pre-stretched.

Reduced man hours as pallets are quicker to wrap.

More consistent film use – operators stretch the film at different levels, Pre-Lite is Pre-stretched so always the same.

Folded edges add strength to the product via the banding effect but also ensure rolls cannot be damaged if dropped. Traditional rolls usually discarded if edges are damaged.

IPS – unique to Manuli Pre-Lite films, this function allows inexperienced operators to still stretch the film without snapping.

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