Cush-n-Air Standard

The different grades of Cush-n-Air bubble wrap available are:


Cush-n-Air bubble wrap is available with small or large bubbles.

Small bubble wrap comes with 100m per roll as standard, other lengths available on request. Standard small bubble wrap is manufactured to 38gsm.

Large bubble wrap comes with 50m per roll as standard, other lengths available on request.

Standard large bubble wrap is manufactured to 80gsm.

Standard Cush-n-Air bubble wrap is suitable for wrapping light to medium products and void filling.


Cush-n-Air bubble wrap can also be produced as a heavy weight bubble wrap, that is stronger and provides more protection. The standard weights for heavyweight bubble are 120gsm for large bubble and 55gsm for small bubble.

Manuli Packaging produce all Cush-n-Air bubble wrap to order so can offer all weights from 38 gsm up to 130 gsm.

Heavyweight Cush-n-Air bubble wrap is suitable for wrapping heavier and more challenging items for a longer period of time.


Antistatic bubble wrap has an antistatic masterbatch added to the blend. This additive means that static charge will be dissipated and therefore not damage the goods that it is protecting.

Antistatic bubble is coloured pink so that it can be easily identified as an Anti-static product.


Manuli Packaging can also produce a range of laminated Cush-n-Air bubble wrap rolls, designed for greater protection of your products.  These laminates can also be pre-printed with any design or company logo you require, minimum orders apply.


Manuli Packaging’s oxo-degradable Cush-n-Air bubble has an additive that allows the break down of the bubble wrap after use when put into land fill.   This process takes 6-12 months, leaving behind biomass and water.

This process reduces the negative impact on the environment compared with standard bubble wrap products.


A coloured resin can be added during the manufacturing process. This can then be used for identification purposes or for the aesthetics when packaging your product.

Flame Retardant

Flame retardant bubble wrap has a flame retardant masterbatch added to the resin; this reduces the combustibility of the bubble wrap and gives the bubble wrap an extra protective quality.

It is important to note that the bubble wrap is only flame retardant and not fire proof.

Ultra Violet Inhibited

Ultra Violet Inhibited (UVI) bubble wrap has a UVI masterbatch added to the resin to prevent degradation of the product wrapped by the UV rays present in sunlight. These UV rays can cause discolouration, fading, cracking and product disintegration.


Manuli Packaging are able to perforate the bubble wrap at specific intervals. This allows the customer to easily tear strips from the bubble at specific lengths; the minimum length of a perforation is 350mm.


Manuli Packaging’s Cush-n-Air bubble wrap is a simple and effective way of protecting and wrapping your product.

All Manuli Packaging’s Cush-n-Air bubble wrap is manufactured to order allowing us to produce the bubble wrap to meet your specific requirements.


Manuli Packaging can manufacture rolls of Cush-n-Air bubble wrap as wide as 1500mm and can slit these rolls up to five times to create a roll to suit every application.

Small bubble wrap has bubbles 4mm in height and 10mm in diameter. Large bubble wrap has bubbles 7mm in height and 25mm in diameter

Please enquire for more bespoke options to meet your requirements.


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