Cast Polypropylene (CPP Film)

Cast Polypropylene, more often known as CPP, is also known for its incredible versatility. The CPP market has expanded in recent years due to its more appealing appearance to standard polyethylene. CPP is available in different types including metalisable, twist wrap (hot and cold application) lamination and multiple applications depending on its end use.


  • Adhesive dry bond lamination to barrier film including PET/BOPP and aluminium foil.
  • All types of over wrapping for goods presentation including tobacco, CD/DVD’s, flowers and clothing.
  • Lamination of stationary items, documents, playing cards, candy, chewing gum and many more.

Product Portfolio

Manucast™ L – is a polypropylene coextruded film (CPP). It is particularly suitable for lamination and printing applications.

Manucast™ B – is aimed at bags formation after printing. Thanks to its good impact resistance Manucast™ B is particularly useful for vertical loading of bags. Typical application are bread, fruits and vegetables and other goods including shoes.

Manucast™ P – is suitable to produce packaging has to be submitted to pasteurisation process at:

  • low temperature (65°C for 30 minutes)
  • high temperature (100°C for 5 minutes)

Manucast™ S – is suitable for food and medical application. This film is particularly suitable for high temperature (microwave too).

  • sterilisation conditions: 130°C for 2 hours

Manucast™ TS105 – It’s aimed for lamination and printing. This product is especially suitable for welding rate at 100-120 shoulders per minute, with sealing initiation temperature at 105°C. Manucast™ L – White is suitable for lamination and printing applications particularly if special features are required.

Manucast™ TS-White – was created with the specific goal of producing a completely new product that stands out from the production standard for good mechanical properties, excellent weld ability, low sealing temperature and mechanical strength.

Manucast™ D – is aimed at food packaging, specifically for frozen products (-18°C). The high impact resistance allows for usage in critical applications where the customer needs a film for use in harsh conditions.

Manucast™ Peelable – seal and peel on itself is aimed at both “film on rigid” and “film on film.” The main application is for food packaging including lidding film, small bag/pouches and coffee packaging.


 – Lowest density – highest yield of any polymer film

– An excellent heat seal layer for retort or steam sterilisation applications and other flexible packaging multi-layer laminations

– Environmentally inert

– Acid free

– Highly non-polar

– Excellent optics

– Moderate Water Vapour Transmission Rate barrier

– Good grease/oil barrier

– Excellent resistance to corrosive chemicals

– Provides a soft hand without the use of plasticisers

– Excellent toughness and abrasion resistance

– Can be thermally or ultrasonically sealed

– Available in a variety of colours

– Natural living hinge properties


Thickness – 25 – 80mu

Width – 450 – 2400mm

Core – 152mm

OD – 750 – 780mm

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