Agricultural Sundries


Agricultural Agrinet is designed for wrapping bales of silage, hay, straw and other materials. Due to its characteristics; a strong compression grid below the plant material, this minimises losses during harvest and harvesting material and protects against wetness during storage in the field. The use of mesh optimises the collection of green providing the highest quality feed and allows you to save time and energy.


Agricultural Twine is used for the binding or wrapping of straw, hay and grass. Twine can be used in all types of presses and other agricultural machinery. Due to the high tensile strength and 100% reliable binding twine this allows proper transportation and storage of the material. We offer a wide range of Agricultural twines so please do not hesitate to contact us with your requirements.


Agricultural Silage Film Siloflex is intended for silage production in heaps and silos. Thanks to technology which employs three-layer U stabiliser it is characterised by high mechanical strength and resistance to weathering. Siloflex feed perfectly protects against air, allowing proper ensiling.

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