The Free audit program

STATS is the free packaging audit service provided by Manuli Packaging to ensure we continually offer the best product range and service levels to meet each individual customers requirements.

STATS is a multifaceted approach to reducing your consumption of packaging and packaging costs whilst also increasing profitability and reducing your companies impact on the environment. Our Industry experts are able to provide you with independent advice on product rationalisation and streamlining your production processes to meet your companies unique criteria.

An appointment with a technical representative

A Manuli Packaging technical representative will make an appointment to visit all of your sites that require packaging. They will assess the specific requirements and constraints of each site, whilst taking note of the current specifications of packaging being used and the individual aims and objectives of the site.  A full STATS report can then be produced and presented as part of an action plan with recommendations of how all aims and objectives can be achieved. Once an action plan has been agreed, the recommendations will be trialled with the relevant teams to ensure full site cooperation. With proposals are in place, STATS will be carried out periodically to ensure savings are maintained moving forward.

For more information please click on the image below to view our STATS brochure.

Stats brochure

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