Quality Policy and Objectives

It is the Policy of Manuli Packaging (UK) Ltd to supply high quality products and related services to both its internal and external customers every day, through a mixture of product consistency, product and customer knowledge and expertise, on time delivery and customer aftercare – all of which is promoted through the Manuli UK Quality Management System.

To achieve this Policy, the following objective has been set:

The Quality Management System process must ensure that customers receive on time, the correct specification of product they have purchased, the high-quality product they expect and the technical and sales back up expected from the market leader in its field.

As General Manager of Manuli UK I will endeavour to make sure that my staff are fully trained and educated to carry out, and improve where possible, the tasks required of them, and in return, I expect my staff to work efficiently, responsibly and respectfully both with external and internal customers.

Only through repeat and new business will the Company succeed, and through the correct implementation and ongoing improvement of the Manuli UK Quality Management System, I am confident of continuing success.

Karen Wilcox

General Manager

Manuli Packaging (UK) Ltd